Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3 - Serial Number 7, December 2012 

Original Article

Identifying the key Success Factors in Performing Value Engineering

Pages 9-27

Davood Talebi; Behrang Khosro Nobarai; Mina Fadavi Ardestan

Idenntifing and Categorizing Success Factors of E_banking with Integarating Approach o Three Methods

Pages 71-86

Esmaeil Malek Akhlagh; Mohammad Rahim Ramazanian; Faeghe Rafiee Omam

Scheduling Working Shifts for Multi-skilled Workforces with Genetic algorithm Approach

Pages 103-124

Ezatollah Asgharizade; Ahmad Reza Ghasemi; Mohammad Taghi Jafarzadeh; Mohammad Sadegh Behrooz