Ethical charter of the publication and examples of abuse in publishing

Industrial Management Perspective works to publish the highest quality research in the field of industrial management. In order to achieve this goal, the process of reviewing and publishing research articles must be done with an impartial and accurate approach. This charter is applicable to articles submitted to the Industrial Management Perspective since 2011 and may be reviewed and amended by the journal's editors. Ethical policies of this journal are based on the principles of the International Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) and the ethical charter of the publications of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Authers, Reviewers, Professors, and Editors must adhere to these ethical principles when working with this journal.



Responsibilities of Publisher, Authers, Reviewers, Professors, and Editors


Responsibilities of Publisher:

  1. This journal reviews submitted articles based on professional reviews and avoids decisions based on personal interests.
  2. This journal is committed to preserving academic and research records.
  3. This journal monitors adherence to ethical principles by its Editors and Editorial Board and Reviewers.
  4. This journal investigates plagiarism and fraud.
  5. This journal will make the necessary corrections and revisions as needed.


Responsibilities of Editor-in-Chief and Editors:

  1. Editor-in-Chief and Editors of this journal keep the submitted articles confidential until their publication.
  2. The decision to publish or not to publish an article is made by the editor, faculty and judges.
  3. The principle of Double-blind judging is maintained by the editors and scientific editors of this journal.
  4. Editor-in-Chief and Editors identify plagiarism and possible fraud, and provide correction, explanation, withdrawal and apology when needed.
  5. Editor-in-Chief and Editors do not disclose article information to anyone other than authors, corresponding authors, and reviewers.
  6. Unpublished articles will not be used for personal purposes by the Editor-in-Chief, Editorsor and other members.
  7. Typically, three reviewers are invited to review an article. The Editor-in-Chief checks all reviews for quality.
  8. Editor-in-Chief and Editors will evaluate articles and select the reviewers within one week after receiving articles.
  9. If Editor-in-Chief receives evidence that the concept or result of a published article is incorrect, Quickly publishes an appropriate correction and related notes.
  10. It is the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief to accept or reject articles. This requires the advice of the reviewers; However, articles that the Editor-in-Chief thinks are completely inappropriate may be rejected without review by the reviewers.
  11. Editor-in-Chief and Editors refrain from reviewing articles that create a conflict of interest for them, a conflict that arises from competitive, collaborative, financial, and other relationships with any author, company, or institution associated with the article.


Responsibilities of Reviewers:

  1. This journal has a double-blind evaluation process in which the authors and the reviewers do not know each other. If the reviewer knows the identity of the author or co-author, he or she will naturally be excluded from the reviewing of the article. reviewers should also refrain from writing, saying, or doing anything that could clarify their identity to the author.
  2. The reviewers of this journal work with Editors to decide on the publication of submitted articles.
  3. The reviewers try to keep the submitted articles confidential. Peer reviewers are required to keep the submitted articles confidential and not to use their information for personal purposes.
  4. The process of reviewing articles is technical and specialized.
  5. The reviewers do not review articles in which there is a conflict of interest with one of the authors, companies, or institutions. Reviewers also do not disclose conflicts of interest.
  6. It is necessary to refuse a request to review an article according to the time or situation (for example, not having enough knowledge to review the article).
  7. The reviewers review the articles quickly and try to review them at the appointed time (maximum one month).


Responsibilities of Authers:

  1. Authors must submit articles in the correct spelling and with appropriate terms.
  2. Articles should not have been previously published or be reviewed by another publication.
  3. This journal has a double-blind evaluation process in which the authors and the reviewers do not know each other. Authors should not reveal their identities to the reviewers in any way. Also, the article should not contain any information that the reviewer can identify the author.
  4. Authors should not suggest reviewers who have already read the article or its previous manuscript; Because it will violate the double-blind evaluation process.
  5. The corresponding author must obtain the consent of the other authors to submit the article to this journal. All authors should contribute to the research and be accountable for the results.
  6. The credibility of the article should be shared according to the contribution in the writing of the article. Authors must accept responsibility and credibility of the work.
  7. Authors must obtain permission from the institution to which the submitted article information relates.
  8. Authors should allow the journal to edit the appearance of the article for greater readability.
  9. The "Authors' Commitment" form and the "Competing Interests" form must be approved and signed by the authors.
  10. In this open access journal, the authors reserve the copyright of the article, but everyone is allowed to download, print and distribute the article.
  11. All authors of the article must agree on the choice of the corresponding author. Corresponding author undertakes the subsequent review processes after submitting the article.
  12. If an author discovers an important mistake in his or her work, he or she is committed to informing the editor-in-chief immediately and to cooperate in reviewing or correcting the article. If another person finds out that the published work has a serious mistake; The author is committed to promptly correcting the article or providing evidence to the editor-in-chief that the original article is correct.
  13. All articles submitted to this journal are analyzed by plagiarism software.
  14. All authors should study the "Guide for Authors" before submitting an article.
  15. The authors are ultimately responsible for the content of the article submitted to the journal.
  16. Authors should report their findings completely and accurately and should not delete data that is relevant to the text or structure of the research questions. The results should be reported completely and accurately even if it contradicts the author's expected results.
  17. The article should contain sufficient details and resources.
  18. The corresponding author who submits the article to the journal must send a manuscript of the article to all contributing authors.
  19. The authors are responsible for protecting the privacy of the research participants. 
  20. The author should submit the revised article immediately. If an author is unable to meet the deadline (maximum one month), he or she should contact the editor as soon as possible to determine the length of time or cancel the evaluation process.
  21. Articles should never contain Data Distortion.
  22. Article submission in the Industrial Management Perspective system will be notified to all article authors by sending an email.


Examples of plagiarism:

a. Submit another person's article.
b. Registration of authors and researchers who did not contribute to the writing of the article.
c. Copy or duplicate significant portions of another article.
d. Published an article in several journals.
e. Expressing incorrect results or distorting research results.
f. Use of invalid or manipulated data in research data.


 Authers Commitment and Competing Interest Forms

* Before submitting an article, authors must download the "Authors' Commitment" and "Competing Interests" files from the links below, and all authors must sign it and upload it along with the article file.

Authors' Commitment

Competing Interests