Design of Fuzzy Decision Making Model for Facility Layout Design Selection Problem by Development of PSI Method

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate professor, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

2 MA, Ferdowsi university.


The layout design problem is a strategic issue that has a significant impact on the efficiency of a manufacturing system. In these problems several quantitative and qualitative criteria are considered that have different effects on the relationship between facilities. Using fuzzy set theory due to more ability to describe  non-precise qualitative values will increase the quality of the layout design. This paper proposed an alternative fuzzy multi-criteria decision making method based on PSI to select proper facility layout design. In this method, qualitative and quantitative criteria have be considered simultaneously, and the performance of layout designs for qualitative criteria are considered as fuzzy and the weighted proper design is selected but regardless of the relative importance between criteria from experts. In order toverifythe proposed method, thismethodwas evaluatedina case study, that Comparison withotherstudiesdemonstratesthe proposed method despite of simplicity and easy to understand is more reality, andsuitable for solving layout design selection problems.


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