Applying a Hybrid DEMATEL and ANP Approach for Suitable Maintenance Approach Selection (Case Study: Work Vehicle Industry)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph.D., Shahed University.

2 Assistant Professor, Ghazvin Emam Khomeini University.


In today current environment, managers of vehicle companies try to make their organizations competitive and responsive by creating on time delivery capability of quality products and services based on customer’s needs. To do so, maintenance as a system has a crucial role in decreasing costs, minimizing equipment down time, improving quality, increasing productivity and providing equipment reliability and finally, reaching to the organization's qualitative and quantitative goals. So, maintenance approach selection is a kind of multiple criteria decision-making (MCDM) problem toward reaching mentioned goals, which requires considering a large number of complex factors as multiple evaluation criteria. This article uses Delphi technique for determining effective factors on suitable maintenance approach, ANP technique that is a relatively new MCDM method which can deal with all kinds of interactions between criteria systematically for selection of suitable approach and DEMATEL technique for determining the direction of criteria in tow Iran KHODRO Diesel and SAIPA Diesel as the biggest work vehicle producers in Iran and Middle East. The results showed that preventive maintenance (PM) is suitable approach for tow studied cases as work vehicle industry. 


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