Understanding the Determinants of RFID Adoption in Iran Case study: Automotive Manufacturing Industry

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1 Assistant Professor, Payam Noor University.

2 Instructor, Payam Noor University.


The radio identification technology (RFID) may change the nature of many industries in future years. The study concentrates on the factors affecting the adoption of RFID technology in the automotive parts manufacturing industry in Iran. The RFID adoption model contains factors like, technology, organization, and environment. Three models apply12variables. Technology related variables are relative advantage, complexity, compatibility, and cost. Organizational variables are top management support, company size, IT competency, and technical-organizational readiness. Environmental variables are competitive pressure, trade partner compulsion, and immediate data requirement. All the Iranian car manufacturers in 1390 are the study population 278 Morgan Corporation is the sample. Exploratory factor analysis results indicate that different factors from the technical knowledge affect RFID technology adoption.