A Model for the Identification and Evaluation of Locations of Agencies and Branches of Service – Industrial Companies

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assiatant, Shahid Beheshi University.

2 MS Student, Yazd University.

3 MS Student, Shahid Beheshi University.


One of the factors affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of a bank is its location. An optimal location for the establishment of a branch can pave the way to meet other bank objectives.  The study investigates the location of bank branches in terms of both subjective and objective factors. The research community is the third supervision departemnt of Saderat Bank in south Tehran. The study tries to answer three questions.  The subjective factors of 8 and 4 were used to assess the location of the existing branches. To obtain the location weights, The AHP paired comparison was applied. Subjective criteria were assessed through geometric mean of the sample by integrating member comments. The medal Brown-Jason branches was applied to prioritize the integration and combination of subjective and objective factors. The study concluded that the bank image will determine the quality and quantity of bank branches .So it can be stated that a branch which is located in the right and optimal place is more profitable.