A Fuzzy QFD and Fuzzy MCDM Approach for Supplier Selection (A study of Snow-Pars co. of Yazd)


1 Assistant Professor, Yazd University.

2 MS, Yazd University.


Supplier selection is a highly important multi-criteria group decision making with the involvement of a group of experts. In this paper, a fuzzy multi-criteria group decision making approach that makes use of the QFD is developed for supplier selection process. The proposed methodology initially identifies the features that the purchased product should possess in order to satisfy the company’s needs, and then the proposed algorithm considers  the impacts of inner dependence among supplier assessment criteria and The upper and the lower bounds of  the weights of supplier assessment criteria are computed by using the fuzzy weighted average method. Finally A fuzzy number ranking method that is based on area measurement is used to obtain the final ranking of suppliers. The featured algorithm ranked six providers of the “Snow-Pars co. of Yazd” by using this method. The FWA method allows for the fusion of imprecise and subjective information expressed as linguistic variables or fuzzy numbers. The method is developed less imprecise and more realistic overall desirability levels.