Educational Performance Evaluation with the Comparative Approach of ANP and DEMATEL

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Shahid Beheshti University.

2 MS, Shahid Beheshti University.


Any organization needs to be continuously evaluated to improve its performance and be aware of its position among the others. The first step to perform the evaluation correctly is to elucidate the evaluation’s goal and define some indicators to achieve it. Another important factor is to prioritize these indicators and consider how they affect each other. There are different ways to determine this interrelations such as analysis network process (ANP) and Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL).ANP is one of the relatively new MCDM methods that can deal with the relationship between indicators systematically. In addition, the DEMATEL methodology is not only able to visualize the casual relationships between indicators as a structural model, but also can manage the interrelations between a set of factors. Hence, this paper proposes an effective model based on DEMATEL and ANP methods to prioritize the key educational factors. The results would enrich the educational evaluation of Shahid Beheshti University.