Fuzzy Multi‐Criteria Decision Making Fusion Model Design for Facility Layout Selection

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant professor, Ferdowsi University.

2 Associate professor, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

3 MA, Ferdowsi University.


Facility layout is a problem concerned with arrangement of departments in work area. The paper deals with identification of the effective criteria in layout design. Also a fuzzy multi-criteria decision making fusion method is proposed to select the optimal layout design. Using fuzzy set theory due to more ability to describe non-precise qualitative values will increase the quality of the layout design. In this method, a fuzzy AHP group was used to determine the value of the functional layout plans based on qualitative criteria, SHANNON entropy to determine weights of criteria and finally, the TOPSIS was used to rank the layout plans. In this method, qualitative and quantitative criteria have be considered simultaneously, and the performance of layout designs for qualitative criteria are considered as fuzzy and the weighted proper design is selected but regardless of the relative importance between criteria direct from the experts. In order to verify the proposed method, this method was used in a case study in Mashhad Panel Company.