Assessment of Services Supply Chain of Iran Fixed Communications by SystemDynamics Approach

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor, Shiraz University.

2 Assistant Professor, Shiraz University.

3 Assistant Professor, Fars Research Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

4 Ph.D student, Shiraz University.


Today, according to the different views that exist on the field performance evaluation, this process can be used within the supply chain. Appropriate function of supply chain, key role in the success of an organization and achieve the goals of sustainable and in particular its profitability. In this study by system dynamics approach, services supply chain of Iran fixed communications for the period 1384 to 1404 is simulated. The purpose of this study was to establish an operational model for the supply chain evaluation using quantitative and qualitative criteria. Chain assessment in this study, based on four indexes included number of customers, customer satisfaction, delivery time and product margins are done. Simulation results show the improvement of the indicators until the end of the simulation period.The two scenarios, included increasing investment in new equipment and enhanced voice transmission channels is proposed.