Group Decision Making using a Fuzzy Approach for Evaluating the Supply Chain Flexibility of Yazdbaf Factory

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Yazd University.

2 Associate Professor, Yazd University.

3 M.Sc., Science and Arts University.


Due to changes in production and market conditions, companies are facing a lot of pressures. One way of dealing with these pressures is the concept of supply chain and its flexibility to satisfy different customers’ neeeds. Before any decision-making on supply chain flexibility, it is necessary to measure flexibility. In this study, using a fuzzy method based on modified linguistic ordered weighted geometric averaging operator in interactive group decision-making, of supply chain flexibility has been measured. In this measurement, sourcing flexibility, operating system flexibility, distribution flexibility and information system flexibility, are considered as the dimensions of supply chain flexibility. Case study research was conducted in Yazdbaf factory.  Desired state and the current state Survey of this factory, shows that the factory supply chain needs to find the best way to improve supply chain flexibility of this factory. The paper concluded that the bestb way is to improve its information systems dimension. These results were accepted by the members of the group.