Presentation an Agile Organization Performance Measurement Model: an Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, Imam Sadeq University.

2 Professor, Tarbiat Modares University.

3 Ph.D Student, Mazandaran University.


Nowadaysorganizationshavechosen a new approachnamedagility to respond thechallenges ofthe business environment. The requirements of this approach have affected on how to measure the performance of these organizations. Inrecent years, the contingencymodel ofperformance measurementhasattractedthe attention of manyscholars to response theturbulentenvironment.Itseems tofit the caseofdomesticenvironmentalorganizations. Optimum performancemeasurement modelof agileorganizationsshould bebuilt. This research uses literature reviewandextracts the performance measures from common and famousperformance measurementmodels.It measures affectingperformance measurementon agileorganizations. At first stage, the research classifiescriteriausingcognitivemappingmethodology. Then, it uses interpretive structural modeling for creating a model for performance measurement system of agile organizations. The results of the survey are derived in a model consists of 11 criteria and 8 level.Theseresults indicatetheimportance ofsuchcriteria asleadership,strategic planningand organizational culture as themost influentialparametersin theperformanceofagileorganizationsthathavean impacton otherfactors ofmodel.