Interpretive Structural Modeling for Project Supply Chain Risks in State Gas Company

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor, Shiraz University.

2 Associate Professor, Shiraz University, Shiraz.

3 Associate Professor, Shiraz University.

4 Ph.D. Student, Shiraz University.


This article is aimed at identifying effective risks on gas projects supply chain in State gas companies. To achieve this aim, firstly, according to the literature we have identified risk categories by using meta-synthesis and then we have found the risks which are related to gas projects through applying content validity. Then, the relationship between risks is determined by ISM and their motivating power and dependency were clarified. Proposed method indicated that political/social and macroeconomic risks from outside of gas industry have the most effect on gas industry function. This model helps the managers to have a systematic view of risks in industry and also they can follow the political/social changes and fluctuations of macroeconomic condition in order to reduce negative effects.