Mathematical Modeling of Services Supply Chain of Iran Fixed Communications by Dynamic Systems Approach

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1 Professor, Shiraz University.

2 Assistant Professor, Shiraz University.

3 Associate Professor, Shiraz University.

4 Assistant Professor, Fars Research Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

5 Ph.D student, Shiraz University.


 In this study services supply chain of Iran fixed communications is modeled through dynamic systems approach. The information and documentation of Telecommunication Company of Iran from 1384 to 1391 and the results of simulation system dynamics model to 1404  has been used to achieve this aim. In order to analyze and determine the identity of the system, the concept of mathematical modeling of dynamic systems is applied. The modeling results show that this system is controllable and observable which means that the system inputs, the system state variables are controlled and each of the state variables of the system can influence the output of the system .Therefore according to thesimulation data, system is stable.