Proposing a Hybrid Fuzzy PROMETHEE - AHP Approach to Performance Evaluation of Service Supply Chain (Case Study: Hotel industry)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor, Tehran University.

2 Ph.D Student, Alborz Campous of Tehran University.

3 Assistant Professor, Shahid Beheshti University.


Performance evaluation is an essential management tool for performance improvement in pursuit of supply chain excellence. In spite of increasing attention to the service supply chain management, the performance assessment of service supply chains still remains unexplored. All service companies know that, in order to have an efficient and effective service supply chain, service supply chain management requires to be measured for its performance. A literature review was conducted on the concept of service supply chain and the importance of its performance evaluation. After that, criteria of performance evaluation determined and the weights of selected criteria computed by using AHP. Criteria with the highest weights considered as final criteria in this research. Since, one of the importance economic infrastructures is tourism industry and hotels have a crucial role in competitive environment of this industry, so the focus of this paper is on performance measurement and ranking of four hotels by using final criteria and a hybrid approach (Fuzzy PROMETHEE technique and Fuzzy AHP). Performance appraisal of hotels or ranking can help them improve and develop their situations. Using the results can help distinguish their problems and also, opportunities for subsequent improvements can be identified.