Behavioral Perspective: A New Approach, to Modeling Organizational Decision Making (Case Study: Fars Province Industrial Manager)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate Professor, Shiraz University, Shiraz.

2 Professor, Shiraz University.

3 Associate Professor, Shiraz University.

4 Ph.D, Shiraz University.


In this study, manager’s decision-making pattern and its internal parameter effects in industrial departments with respect to behavioral and rational perspective were investigated. For this purpose, a questionnaire was designed, and mention the 50 number of managers of manufacturing industries were interviewed and data were collected with respect to the inter organization factors affecting decision making process, including identifying behavioral errors and general information related to the managers. Then, based on the logistic regression, the pattern of the model decision-making the managers were designed. Results showed that more than 68 percent of the managers surveyed decided based on the behavioral patterns. Also, variables such as gender, education-level, experience and manager’s ownership affected the choice of their decisions making pattern. In addition, the behavioral errors lead them to behavioral decision making. Given than the behavioral errors in the organizations usually leads to a lack of optimal decision making by managers, the necessary strategies are provided to reduce errors and to obtain the optimal decision making pattern by the managers.