An Investigation on the Systematic Role of Human Factors on Success of Project by Grey DEMATEL-Shapley Approach

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, University of Science and Technology.

2 MSc, University of Science and Technology.


This paper wants to have a survey on the human factors which are influencing on the project success. Observation of the factors affecting the success of the project as a single factor will show the analysis incomplete and non-true. Based on this, the current paper will work on this subject by it selves proposed method. So, the human resource factors affecting on project system will be extracted and then the importance of each factors will be recognized by Grey DEMATEL method. Because the coalition power between factors is neglected in DEMATEL method, this problem will be solved with use of Shapley value function as an evaluation for system’s factors and the effect of each factor will be standard. Staff factor (C6) is known as the factor that makes the biggest impact on the other factors; and communication between team members in project (C4) and coordination between members (C8) are known as the factors which are more impressible.