Agility Evaluation of Various Industries in Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises


1 Assistant Professor, Hormozgan University.

2 MA, Hormozgan University.


The importance of agility in today’s world which is the era of knowledge and technology is undeniable. In this regard, agility means to respond effectively to a changing and unpredictable environment and using those changes as opportunities for organizational development. The purpose of this study is primarily to identify factors affecting the agility of Phase 2 of Uremia Industrial Estate and then to prioritize agility of the existing industries in this Industrial Estate. By reviewing the literature, the factors affecting the agility identified including agile processes, agility market, agile strategy, Agile Linkages, information technology, and Agile People then is perky and criteria for the following 21 criteria were identified., and then their weights and ranking achieved by using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP) technique And fuzzy TOPSIS technique was used to ranking  industries. Based on the results of the prioritization research, is agility market, agile strategy, Agile Linkages, information technology, Agile People, and agile processes. In ranking the various industries in the Industrial Estathe In order of preference are the metal industry, chemical, cellulose, food and service.