Ranking the Dimensions Quality of the Service Organizations: a Comparison between Compensatory and non-Compensatory Techniques

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate Professor, Tehran of University.

2 MS Studen, Tehran University.

3 MS Student, Persian Gulf University.


The key to success of service organizations can be customer based services and also the focus on the services quality. The focus on the quality in all organizations that look for supremacy in services is one of the most important concerns of managers. Furthermore for the purpose of creating quality in an organization, it is required that some effective dimensions, which should be considered in presenting services, been paid attention to. By reviewing research literatures, dimensions and components of evaluating of services quality in banking industry are specified. So after defining dimensions they were classified, then these dimensions were presented to the bank staff and customers within questionnaires. The results showed that courtesy and politeness dimension existed among staff and customers had the highest score which indicates the importance of this dimension from the staff and customers’ viewpoint.  The lowest score belonged to tangible requirements that both groups of participants had the same opinion.