Desining and Mapping Soft Operations Research as a New Science Area

Document Type : Original Article


1 Professor, Tehran University.

2 Ph.D Student, Tehran University.


According to complication and developments in decision problems, a new approach has been formed in OR, called Soft Operations Research (SOR). SOR uses qualitative and interpretive methods to interpret, define and consider different aspects of the problem. On the other hand, mapping science areas helps determining their position and their relations with other areas of knowledge. In this research, SOR map has been generated using a six steps process of mapping science based on ISI database. At first, data were extracted, and then analysis level was selected. Considering papers’ frequencies and similarity between them were the next phases. In fifth phase, the related areas were determined using one of the clustering algorithms, and then maps of different areas was generated and analysed. Finally, six clusters were obtained: management and social sciences, engineering sciences, behavioral studies, environmental studies, sociology, natural resources, and mathematics.