Analyzing Organizational Processes by using Process Mining Technique (The Case of Academic Staff's Grade Process of Persian Gulf University)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Associate Professor, Persian Gulf University.

2 M.A., Persian Gulf University.


Moving toward process-oriented approach makes a requirement for managers to assess and review their process. If this issue doesn't occur, organization face with a set of problems such as increase cost, waste of time, and low productivity. In the new era, a large part of the process is carried out through the use of new technologies on a web-based or under software programs. Process Mining is an approach to analyzing stored data that helps organizational managers to improve processes. Therefore, the present study wants to analyze one of the processes of Persian Gulf University by using existing data and using process mining technique. For data analysis, Microsoft Excel and Disco software were used. Results show that the process averagely perfomed in 51 days and 7 hours and the main bottleneck of the process is in the evaluation of staff's grade committee (39 days after accepting the request by the head of institute and 34 days and 3 hours after approving a request by the head of faculties).


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