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1 1. Ph.D. Candidate, Alborz Campus University of Tehran.

2 Professor, Tehran University.

3 Assistant Professor, University of Tehran.



The main aim of the research is to achieve a smart supply chain management model for FMCG industry in Iran. Since this research is of an exploratory mixture type, in qualitive section after reviewing the exist literature and collecting the relevant literature of the research, related articles identified and the results obtained analyzed using the Multi-Grounded theory method. After performing the meta- synthesis method, the selected articles extracted. Also, after holding interview with 15 experts, the coding of the categories done. The result led to the extraction of the smart supply chain management model of fast-moving consumer goods industry in Iran. In the quantitative part, in order to refine the indicators, the discrete consensus support method used. In the continuation of the qualitative part, for model configuration, FsQCA method. Quantitative data collected from 20 supply chain managers and experts in companies active in FMCG industry in Tehran. Based on the results of the research, it was determined that the mentioned model has 6 main categories, 21 sub-categories and 113 index codes. Also, based on the results of the quantitative section, 92 indicators determined as the most appropriate indicators for FMCG industry's smart supply chain and then the most suitable combination between the indicators of the paradigm model determined. The results of the research presented a conceptual model for managing the smart supply chain of FMCG industry in Iran, which can be used by industrialists and researchers.


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