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1 Assistant Professor, Shahid Beheshti University.

2 MA, Shahid Beheshti University.



Free innovation is a concept that refers to the free grace of people to come up with ideas to solve problems. In free innovation, unlike producer innovation, there is no financial transaction. So the question is raised, how are innovators encouraged to participate? Earlier reviews, free innovation is directly about human interests and values and deals with benefit, participation, entertainment, education, creativity and philanthropy and other important issues along with "human growth and development". In this research, in order to answer the question and examine the ecosystem of free innovation in Iran, at first the motivations effective on the formation of free innovation are identified and then the identified motivations are ranked. For this purpose and after reviewing the existing literature in the field of free innovation, effective motivations were identified by using expert evaluation and the Delphi method. Then, using the Dimtel technique, the effect of the 8 final motives was determined by the with research experts as follows (philanthropy, personal reward, social acceptance, social responsibility, increasing fame and dignity, helping, feeling satisfied with dignity, learning joy ).

The added value of this research is to firstly enrich the literature in the field of free innovation in the Persian language and secondly by providing a suitable platform and policy proposals; To provide the basis for benefiting from the results of the implementation of free innovation in the Iranian society.


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