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1 Assistant Professor, University of Bojnord.

2 BSc, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology.

3 Associate Professor, University of Tehran.


Due to the effect of random factors such as machine failure on the competitiveness of production organizations and the importance of production planning, failure-prone manufacturing systems have emerged to deal with uncertainty. In order to maintain a competitive market share and increase productivity and safety, industrial systems have resorted to a maintenance strategy to reduce failure rates and increased reliability. Increasing production capacity, providing more flexibility and ensuring customer satisfaction in terms of quantity, quality and timing have made the use of subcontracting with a revenue sharing approach a viable option in this study. In this research, a network of machines with relationship limitation and failure and accidental repair is considered. To prevent shortages, intermediate buffers and a final buffer are used. Another important parameter is determining the optimal frequency of preventive maintenance, which results in minimizing the cost of preventive and corrective maintenance and repairs. The goal is to determine the optimal production rate and preventive maintenance variables and subcontractor variables. Discrete-event-simulation is used for this purpose. After modeling in Arena, the best values of decision variables are obtained in the opt-quest platform, which leads to a 22.5% reduction in total system costs.


Main Subjects

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