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Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran


In the competitive world of today, companies are expected to effectively manage their supply chains against the changing situations of the markets. Companies are obligated to compensate the environmental damages. In this paper, a two-echelon multi-product multi-period supply chain including production and distribution centers has been formulated with three objectives of minimizations of logistical costs, delivery time and CO2 emission costs. Customers’ demand, Workforce level, and available machinery level are assumed to be uncertain and to be presented by fuzzy numbers. Furthermore, it is possible to utilize outsourcing services for production and transportation albeit with higher costs. The contribution of this research is utilizing different transportation modes with different pollution levels from modeling perspective and utilizing a novel fuzzy multi-choice goal programming method from solution perspective. We have used the real data of Daya Technology Corporation in order to assess the performance of the model.


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