Processes Management of Maintenance using PCF and Data Mining

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assosiate Professor, Yazd University.

2 Masters, Yazd University.


Today, computer equipment is one of the most important assets of any organization, and its maintenance is very important. Considering that process management is one of the ways to investigate the current situation of the organization and pave the way for its improvement and modification, the present study aimed to manage the maintenance processes of computer systems at the Yazd University, which were carried out with a multilateral view. It has tried to identify gaps and deficiencies in the process of maintenance of these equipment. For this purpose, first, the university's IT department was compared with other similar organizations and the processes related to the maintenance and repair of computer equipment were documented. Then, the nine-month data on equipment failure reporting was extracted to inform the process of failures, to investigate the relationships between them, as well as to help re-engineer the processes. The data was analyzed using data analysis techniques. Finally, considering the existing problems and also the framework for classification of the maintenance processes of the educational unit, practical solutions appropriate to the university conditions are determined through surveys of experts and analytical hierarchy process (AHP).


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