Author = Behrouz Dorri Nokorani
Comparative-fuzzy Analysis of National Innovation Capability Based on Results of Dynamic Network DEA Model

Volume 11, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 207-246


Mohammad Ali Torabandeh; Behrouz Dorri Nokorani; Alireza Motameni; Masood Rabieh

New Product Development Model in the Iran Automotive Industry

Volume 7, Issue 2, September 2017, Pages 33-51

Akbar Alem Tabriz; Mohammad Reza Hamidizadeh; Behrooz Dorri Nokarani; Mohsen Mohammadi Pelarati

Evolutionary Algorithms for Location Allocation Biomethane Supply Chain Problem

Volume 6, Issue 3, December 2016, Pages 29-54

Sohaila Khishtandar; Mostafa Zandieh; Behrooz Dorri Nokarani; Sayed Omid Ranaei Siadat

Job Rotation Scheduling in a New Arranged Lean Cell, a Genetic Algorithm Approach

Volume 4, Issue 3, December 2014, Pages 33-59

Ashkan Ayough; Mostafa Zandieh; Hassan Farsijani; Behrooz Dorri Nokarani

Project Portfolio Selection Based on Performance Assessment: using an Artificial Neural Network

Volume 3, Issue 3, December 2013, Pages 39-61

Behrooz Dorri Nokarani; Sasan Mazaheri

Scheduling Working Shifts for Multi-skilled Workforces with Genetic algorithm Approach

Volume 2, Issue 3, December 2012, Pages 87-102

Mohammad Akbari; Behrooz Dorri Nokarani; Mostafa Zandieh

Application of meta-heuristic algorithms to the logistic integration network distribution model

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2011, Pages 99-119

Hamzeh Ghojavand; Mostafa Zandieh; Behrooz Dorri Nokarani