Guide for Authors

Writing research articles requires compliance with standards and in many cases non-compliance with this standards leads to non-acceptance of the article. The following file describes the standard of the Faculty of Management and Accounting of Shahid Beheshti University regarding the articles submitted to the journals of this faculty. Adherence to this standard is required to review and publish the article:

Important Points:

1- The submitted articles should not be published in Persian and English language Journals at the same time.
2- The article should be exactly according to the article writing guide.
3- After submitting the article, it is not possible to delete, add or change the authors.


Article Subscription Charges

Authors must pay 100,000 Rials for the reviewing and if the article is accepted, another 200,000 Rials for literary and technical editing. 


* Before submitting an article, authors must download the "Authors' Commitment" and "Competing Interests" files from the links below, and all authors must sign it and upload it along with the article file.

Authors' Commitment

Competing Interests


* To submit an article, uploading 4 files is required:

  1. Article file (without authors' names)
  2. Name and details of all authors in Persian and English (including email address and contact number)
  3. Authors' commitment file (with signatures of all authors)
  4. Competing Interests file (with the signature of all authors)


* Save the article file name as "Manuscript" and follow this path for the article file: Right click on the file name + Enter the Properties section + Enter the Details tab + Delete author details